About The Matar Group

We’re passionate about helping businesses grow and develop

Matar Investments Group is a privately owned corporate advisory group specializing in direct investments and consultancy. We help a combination of established and emerging companies within the property, technology, and finance sectors.

As a private equity office, we’re personally dedicated to our investments, embracing a stake in the success of the companies we invest in. Our collaborative network of experts delivers value that accelerates business growth organically or through acquisition.

We work with various partners and consultants to support progressive business development objectives. We’re highly motivated by the quality of the businesses and teams we support.

Our diversified portfolio is supported by a wide-ranging team with differing skills, interests, and backgrounds. We have developed a wholehearted approach to the investment process, using care, knowledge, and passion to help you secure financial gain.

By applying years of industry experience, we can provide funding to businesses and into the property sector, seed capital, and equity into technology companies such as FinTech and MedTech. We also provide expert advice for clients to leverage their investments effectively.

We continue to build trusted relationships, forging successful partnerships that help businesses reach new and ambitious heights.

What We Do

At The Matar Investments Group, we invest capital and provide funding for high-growth companies in the technology, financial services, and consumer sectors. We help companies sustain a competitive advantage by offering funding, asset-backed investments and financial advice.

We provide independent corporate advisory services such as strategic merger, advice on acquisition and business sales transactions, and growth-focused advisory services.

Our success aligns with the high caliber of people that form a collaborative team of highly skilled professionals. With a wealth of international experience, we collectively utilize a diverse combination of strategic, operational, and financial skills to deliver maximum value to all key stakeholders.


Our mission is to create a strong foundation of core business investments that foster sustainable growth.

Our core values drive our day-to-day business operations and strategic thinking principles

  1. Innovation

    Today’s rapidly evolving markets present numerous challenges, but every challenge presents an opportunity for growth. We innovate at every level, from staffing to strategy, implementing groundbreaking business solutions for those we work with. The industry demands new and innovative practices at all levels, which we execute to generate superior returns for all key stakeholders.

  2. Excellence

    At Matar Investments Group, we maintain consistent, superior quality at every level of business operations. We deliver exceptional service across a range of functions, where we’re accountable to the highest industry standards. Our team comprises an exceptional combination of talent and cultures, cultivated from an eclectic mix of backgrounds.

  3. Leadership

    We set an example by showing discipline to meeting our mission statement at every level of business. Our leadership demonstrates integrity and commands a firm, knowledgeable presence that sets a precedent for all business interactions.

  1. Responsibility

    We adhere to the highest standards of compliance and corporate governance. We consider environmental, social, and governance factors (ESG) to make sensible business decisions that support sustainable growth. We utilize a framework that incorporates ESG issues into our mainstream investment decision-making process.

  2. Discipline

    We are systematic and disciplined in setting and achieving high standards of performance while expecting the same from those we collaborate with.

  3. Care & Fairness

    We commit to the needs of our collaborators, with a view to long-term, mutual benefit in the face of challenges and obstacles.

Our Services

We exude professional excellence and commitment to the highest ethical standards across multiple business services.

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We offer funding as a private equity office targeting fast-growing companies, exercising discipline and risk mitigation to ensure optimal investment outcomes.

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